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I would like to invite you to follow my somewhat unusual photographic constellation. My passion is nature photography ... and ... I am a "cow photographer". I am happy about your interest.

About me

Cow photography


Auction photos

Good cow and animal photos create interest in buying.

Whether in preparation for an online cow auction or a present event.


Auction videos

The short video clip 30-60 sec. Presents the animals optimally.

Movement from the side, frontal, from behind and the very special plus “on the presentation plate” the all-round view.

Videos mp4, 1920 x 1080 cut with music and text on request



Animal shows are like weddings, not to be repeated in the uniqueness of the situation and photos help to capture these very special moments.



Advertise with beautiful cows.

No “cow marketing” without “cow photos”.

For me, cows are not just photographic objects, they are always simply fascinating creatures.

My credo is that they try to understand and show their best side.


Aerial view

Showcase your farm in a new and fascinating way!

Aerial photography by drone (photo and video).

The unusual perspective in combination with the right light is a guarantee for unusual photos.


How can the scope of services offered be defined?
Nature photography: Includes nature photos from my extensive archive. Please contact me for specific image requests.
Cow Photography: Due to my decades of experience from working with cattle, combined with an equally long photographic interest, I am available for all photographic areas “cows, sheep and more” (cattle and sheep of all breeds and categories)
For example for:
– Photos of animals for sale and auction catalogs
– Photography at live events (animal shows / auctions …)
– Videos of animals for sale and online auctions – Videos of live events (animal shows / auctions …)
– Photo shoots on location
– Drone (photos and videos from a bird’s eye view)
– further special requests
Why are there no prices on the website?
No prices are given on the website, as I create an individual offer according to the customer’s wishes. This concerns, for example, the desired post-processing of photos, or special labeling, etc. After contacting us by email or, if you like, you will of course receive a price offer. This consists of a price per day of work, post-processing, additionally arrival and departure. I am looking forward to working with you.
What rights to the image does the customer receive?
The rights to the supplied photo / video / audio files are unlimited in time for publication in their own print and online media (meaning: websites belonging to the client, FB or Instagram accounts, journals, magazines, catalogs). This applies to legal and private persons. The resale of the photo / video / audio files to third parties is excluded. (According to the Copyright Act § 31, only the author (photographer) can grant another person the right to use the work for selected or all types of use – this is known as the right of use. The use is determined in terms of time, space and content.
If a photo order includes the photography of people
If the photo order includes the photography of people, e.g. family members of breeders , employees of breeding companies, models, etc. The customer is responsible the responsibility for compliance with the data protection guidelines (§ 22 sentence 1 Art UrhG and General Data Protection Regulation EU (DSGVO). The customer, not the photographer, muss must comply the necessary consent from the persons shown to be photographed or filmed from the photographer of the photo / video and audio orders.
Can photo and video jobs be processed at the same time?
This is generally possible, but must be discussed in detail with the customer. If, for example, photos and videos of selected breeding animals are to be created, the customer must take this into account in advance (e.g. prepare backgrounds).
Is possible recordings of videos with music/audio
The dubbing with music/audio is possible, music requests have to be discussed personally. The necessary GEMA license fee (Germany) or other necessary license fees depend on the planned use and require specific permits. The client is responsible for compliance with the licensing regulations.
How are pictures and videos made available?
Photos are made available in JPG format in maximum file size and videos as mp4 files for download.
How do photo projects have to be prepared?
The details for planned projects / photo shoots should be discussed personally in advance. It is important for me to know what you want. For larger orders with possibly several individual animals, several people at different locations, the preparation (provison of helpers, models, vehicles, permits for certain locations, etc.) lies with the client.